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and discover how it will change the world.

Conall hubbert is a future scientist, possessed with the last prediction of his genuis algorithm: The Prometheus Prophecy. He has to be the first to find Prometheus and protect him from the hands of the global government and terrorist fanatics.

Conall puts on a mask to infiltrate Outer Area Three – a village in the Scottish Highlands where poverty and ancient beliefs rule the society. But he is not the only one: Both his greatest rival and a terrorist group have their spies already in place.

The life and friendship of three innocent boys from Area Three is forever disrupted and jeopardized by a global power scheme. Will Conall fulfill the prophecy and protect the kids, or has he only unleashed a race that will destroy all of them?


``It snared me right from the first and held me until the ending. Can't wait to dig into the next part of the story.``
`` I am looking forward to the next book in this series and I recommend you come along for the ride also.``
``Shanakee’s Tale is such an easy, flowing read that I had finished the book in record time.``

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