And be swept away into an exhilarating revolution!

"A story filled with action and adventure,
Prometheus Rising is one I won't soon forget."
– Amy's Bookshelf

Adama is ready to see the world burn – just to find Rahab. 

In a future where a digital border divides the Global Cities and anarchic Outer Areas, people live in fear and hatred on both sides.

Adama is a medic whose world is turned upside down: On the same day, he witnesses a terrorist attack in the middle of London and outsiders kidnap him to treat the sick in Outer Area Three, a small village in the Scottish Highlands. Here, he meets Rahab – a woman he had grown up with – who has turned her back on society and joined the 'terrorists'. While still questioning his preconceptions, Adama unwillingly causes a violent governmental raid to wipe out the village, murder innocents and deport Rahab into prison.

Ruled by rage and guilt, he sets out on a quest across the British Isles against an unassailable enemy – to find and free Rahab. But this quest leads him to shocking secrets about the Global Union, the future of the world and his own past. And it makes him ignite a spark that could turn into an uncontrollable fire: an Uprising.

PROMETHEUS RISING is the first novel in a dystopian series by author D. F. Wink. If you enjoy dystopian sci-fi told through the viewpoint of unique characters and flavored with epic settings, historical battles and a mixture of science and mythological elements, then get Book 1 of the Prometheus Trilogy.


"It's grasping story which had a cinematic feel to it." 

"I loved the book from beginning to end."

"Just when you think you have him figured out, you don’t.
Again and again. I highly recommend to all."

"That's the kind of stories I look for and Prometheus Rising, DELIVERS!!!!!" 

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